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13908953_10153814811951699_5419106295509048289_oOver the Summer I’ve had the honour of becoming an Ollie Coach. I went back to Regents University to meet and be trained by the talented and inspiring author of Ollie and his Super Powers, Alison Knowles.

13909033_10153814877446699_1951039249732178769_oThe concept is based on giving kids the knowledge and understanding that they have super powers. These are their emotions and can be made bigger or smaller, depending on what will help them the most at the time. Based on the ‘Ollie’ books,  Ollie is a young lad who is learning how to manage his super powers, develop empathy and resilience. There are currently two books published, ‘Ollie and his Super Powers’ and ‘Ollie and the Golden Stripe’. In the first book we are introduced to Ollie and learn how he copes with being bullied at school. In the second book Ollie begins to learn about empathy and understanding how others feel. There are more books in the pipeline and each one will bring new resources for Ollie.

13913635_10153814868326699_5364130555215988700_oAs an Ollie Coach, I’m able to work with children to help them to overcome issues that are currently holding them back. This could be a child with a lack of confidence, who’s being bullied, who does the bullying, or who is just going through a rough time.

The scope and plans for Ollie is growing rapidly, he is already being used by the Police, Nurses, Foster Service and in many schools across the country. As well as the 1:1 work with children that is ongoing.

We had an amazing time training! Even got our own Ollie (with adoption certificate) and practiced being 10 years old again to help us re-learn the language of kids.
And that’s the key really, talking to kids in a way in which they understand – this isn’t about doom and gloom – it’s about fun and laughter and giving kids the chance to have peace of mind, skills and resources to be able to cope with whatever life throws at them.

If you know a child that could do with ‘Ollie’ in their life – please get in touch!



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