Ollie & his Super Powers

ollie&superOllie’s super powers are like an army of feelings and you are the captain!

If your child feels a little sad or afraid or just not happy, Ollie will teach him/her that you can make that feeling smaller or replace it with another feeling, like safe, happy or calm. And the best bit you can make your super powers bigger and the bigger they get, the bigger the feeling!
Ollie describes the subconscious mind as a huge library where everything they have ever learned is stored. There is a librarian and he is in charge of putting learning in boxes, he decides which box dependent on how the child feels when that learning is taking place. The beauty of the memory boxes is they all have dates.

Ollie learns that he can revisit those boxes no matter
how daunting, now that he is an older version of himself with more capabilities and super powers. More often than not, we can then re-label that box in a much more positive and empowering way. This is having amazing an effect on all children; building confidence, esteem and self-worth.

Ollie is aimed at children but the lessons are for young and old.


Chrissie is proud to be part of a growing team of therapists who teach the concepts behind Ollie in Schools, to the Police Force, to Nurses, people working in Foster Care and provide one to one sessions with individual children.
Chrissie has been trained as an Ollie Coach by Alison Knowles, the creator/author of Ollie at Regents University in London.

Offering bespoke support packages to supply training on the Ollie concept to those in organisations who would benefit and ‘one to one’ therapeutic intervention where required.

  • One to one sessions with kids
  • Parent and Caregiver’s workshops
  • Talks and presentations for children and adults
For more details contact Chrissie – 07840 071563 / chrissie@thetrows.com

Ollie supported
A concept that empowers children and adults to chose what they want to feel rather than allow themselves to be controlled by
their feelings.


Ollie’s website has been developed to allow easy engagement for the audience with ideas, an evolving range of products, including the Ollie books, an Ollie toy and other resources to help kids build resilience and well being .