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Law of attraction, how does it work?

It’s been a busy week, with me all over the country, spending many hours on the road. Although many people in my position get frustrated by the long journeys, I enjoy them and use the time alone in the car to think – well actually to be more precise, talk to myself. You see I’m what, is known as Auditory Digital, or AD and what that actually means is I have long discussions with myself in my head. And before anyone starts, it isn’t the first sign of madness, it’s just my way of processing information. Where others need to see things visually I need to talk things through with myself, so I actually enjoy the long journeys in the car alone as I get to have a good chat with myself without interruptions.

So anyway, it’s been a busy week, and I’ve spent quite a lot of time in the car thinking (talking to myself). One particular thought that has been rolling around my head a lot this week, is  the power of attraction, or rather how does it work?  I don’t mean my animal magnetism, as strong as that might be. What I’m talking about is, why are some people lucky and others unlucky? Why do we all of a sudden see the exact same model of car all over the place the day after we decide to buy that particular car? Why does like attract like? Most importantly, why do I meet so many interesting and positive people wherever I go?

I have been in Lewes, East Sussex this week doing a mandatory update training day for nurses and ended up having a deep conversation with one of my students about the exact thing I had been thinking about travelling down – law of attraction. So did I stumble upon this lovely lady by pure coincidence, or did I somehow attract her into my life at that precise moment? She would have been on that course regardless, as she needed to do it, but as I had been thinking about the law of attraction and it was still very much in my mind I was very probably giving off the right ‘vibes’ and maybe even made reference to it as I was teaching. This probably, in turn, got her thinking about it and asking the right questions to lead to a conversation about it.

So back to my earlier question, why do I meet so many interesting and positive people wherever I go? Well the answer is simple, I look for them, well actually to be more precise, my brain looks for them, or to be even more precise, it filters out the negative people. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t meet negative people because I do, I just don’t pay them much attention. I choose to go through life with a positive attitude and a good heart, attracting other positive people into my life and not the fellowship of the miserable.

As I have mentioned them, let me introduce you to the ‘fellowship of the miserable’.  I was introduced to this concept several years by a colleague, teacher and friend, and at the time decided I never wanted to be like that again. Because, you see, the ‘fellowship of the miserable’ are a section of society who are only truly happy when they are miserable, they always have something to moan about. Something has always gone wrong, the car has broken down and the garage is charging too much to fix it, their boss wants them to do too many hours, their boss doesn’t give them enough hours at work. They go on holiday and the flight is awful, the hotel unfinished, the food is horrible, etc, etc, etc, etc… you know the type of person I am describing. You probably work with one, or worse still, you are closely related to one, and what makes matters worse is that they attract others from the ‘fellowship of the miserable’ and then sit around complaining how bad things are and trying to outdo each other’s misery. I decided I didn’t want to be like that, because I recognised that at times in my life I had been, but never again.

We all have choices in life, and we can choose to go through life being miserable, moaning about what we haven’t got or we can go through life being grateful for the many fantastic experiences we enjoy, the things we have in our lives and most importantly the people we share them with. When we choose to act and think in a more positive way we attract more positive people into our lives, which, in turn, then makes us feel more positive. There you go, that law of attraction thing again, do you see how it works yet? Simply put what you concentrate on, you will get more of.

Now I’m guessing if you are still reading then you are already a fairly positive person, mainly because the fellowship people bailed out during the first paragraph to cries of “what a load of nonsense” or words to that effect. Some of you might of even come across the book ‘The Secret’ that uses the whole power of attraction thing to realise your goals, and if you haven’t you can find out more about that at their Website.

What I’m going to share with you now is just a very easy and basic way of getting more of something in your life you want.

The 3 basic steps that are the foundation for the Law of Attraction: (It is important that the steps are completed in order or else the results you receive may differ greatly from what you intended.)

Step 1: Know what you desire and ask for it.

Knowing what you want isn’t as easy as it sounds. Aside from basic physical needs, your mind is filled with wants, desires and fears. Conscious and unconscious.

You need to know why you want the things you want. In analysing your reasons for wanting something you may find that what you really want isn’t what you’re asking for at all. Since your unconscious thoughts produce just as much energy as your conscious thoughts, you must be certain that you are clear on what it is that you are asking for.

Step 2: Believe that what you desire is already yours

Visualising having already achieved your desire is vitally important. This is the “positive thinking” step. Focusing on having your desire or achieving your goal, believing that it will come to you, feeling the good energy now, that you will have when your desire comes to fruition later is absolutely necessary. The Law of Attraction will not work if you don’t fully believe.  The completion of your desire is a result of this positive energy.

Step 3: Receive

Unfortunately, many people either don’t perform this step or don’t fully understand it. Allow yourself to acknowledge your right to have your wishes fulfilled. Be ready to receive the gift and blessing that you asked for in Step 1 and visualised in Step 2.

For many, accepting this is the hardest part. Know that you are worthy of having your desire come to you. Know that you deserve what you are asking for. Know these things from your inner being. Do not doubt.

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