5 tips to motivation

I’m loving watching the Olympics in Rio and am so fascinated by the level of commitment and self discipline that the athletes, in all of the sports, have.

It makes me wish I could bottle up some of their motivation and prescribe it to myself.

My drive and ‘get up and go’ hasn’t been too great lately. The Summer holidays has meant too many other things are going on, so I’ve sort of taken my finger of the pulse.

So I guess now’s the time for change. And now’s the time to admit that putting it down to the Summer holidays is just an excuse.

So, here’s my five tips for ‘getting back my mojo’:

  1. Get busy. Remember that saying ‘If you want something done, get a busy person to do it’? Make to do lists (and remember to tick off what you’ve done!)
  2. Change your environment. We’ve taken to walking the dog every morning to make sure we get out of the habit of sitting at the work desk and procrastinating. It’s healthy, gives us a boost and gives us time to talk about actions we plan to take
  3. Take action. Dreaming is great but without action it is always going to just be a dream. To do lists, plans, mind maps – whatever works for you! But see them through!
  4. Time manage social media. As hard as it is, I’ve had to be really disciplined. Social media is now a reward for achieving actions on my to do list. It’s not banned, but I’m limiting day time use!
  5. Face your fears! I’ve spent far too long thinking ‘what will people think?’ and keeping my head below the parapet. Someone recently said to me, ‘everything you’ve ever wanted is the other side of fear’ Now’s the time to take the leap… I’ll see you on the other side!IMG_1595

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